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Written Section Notes??
Katieeek Leaving Cert French — 04/12/16 3

Our French teacher is on Maternity Leave and our new substitute is not that great, has anyone any notes for the written section? Just email me at ktgkrebs@outlook.com or Has anyone any ideas on how to study French?

Lisa3k — 08/11/16
What I do is work on comprehensions until I have improved on them. I would do as much of them as I can without help from a dictionary or anything and see how much I can actually understand, I then go on studyclix and correct it. I listen to French Disney songs... sounds silly but it actually helps. What kind of notes are you looking for? layouts or phrases ?
Avril_7038 — 08/11/16
Could someone please send me Journal Intime notes??? I would be so grateful. My exam is next week and I'm so bad at writing in French!!
Amystauntonxox — 04/12/16
Just a few notes on a few random topics, hope it helps!
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