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    Written Section Notes?? Katieeek

    Our French teacher is on Maternity Leave and our new substitute is not that great, has anyone any notes for the written section? Just email me at


    Has anyone any ideas on how to study French?

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      What I do is work on comprehensions until I have improved on them. I would do as much of them as I can without help from a dictionary or anything and see how much I can actually understand, I then go on studyclix and correct it.

      I listen to French Disney songs... sounds silly but it actually helps.

      What kind of notes are you looking for?

      layouts or phrases ?

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      Could someone please send me Journal Intime notes??? I would be so grateful. My exam is next week and I'm so bad at writing in French!!

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      Just a few notes on a few random topics, hope it helps!

      attachment French LC Revision.docx

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