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Yeats College / Essential French ??
Galway2014 Leaving Cert French — 11/06/16 4

Hi. I'm in 5th year in Galway. Currently considering doing a French Course during the summer or during next year. Yeats College Galway are doing a 2 week French course in summer for €380.... Essential French doing a 3 day seminar in Dublin for €300. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of either Yeats courses or Essential French. Would greatly appreciate- best of luck to all in exams.

Danah — 23/05/16
I went to the one day Essential French seminar in April and it was great! Would really recommend it, but maybe the 2 week course would be more beneficial and worthwhile money-wise?
John smith234 — 23/05/16
to be honest i think paying hundreds of euro for one subject is not worth it unless its maths and you need it for your course. Otherwise you can get all the vocab you need to succeed in your book or teacher and then practise papers.
hihihihi — 24/05/16
Essential French definitely!! Do you follow them on snapchat? If not,then you should do it immediately because they give absoloutely incredible advice! I am not paid to say this,I have experience with them and their teaching standards is extremely high..all French tutors! they give away so much content for free on snapchat so think what would be available for €300? :O absoloutely brilliant stuff!!!!! Go with EF,that's my advice :)
Bcs1 — 11/06/16
What is their sc?
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