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1 st year exam
Markio Leaving Cert Geography — 08/10/16 3

What will first years be having at their December /November exam???any ideas?cause I don't know what to learn please heeeelllpp

EA01 — 07/10/16
In geography, these chapters will Come up. 1. The Earth ( structure of earth, plates, earthquakes, fold mountains etc.) 2. Rocks ( 3 types of rocks, formation of different rocks, resources from the Earth. I.e mining ) 3. Shaping Earth's Crust ( erosion, mechanical / chemical weathering, the Burren as a case study, karst landscapes, mass movement & a bit of the introduction of rivers
Markio — 08/10/16
Thankk you!and what about the another subjects like science or Maths ??or history?
EA01 — 08/10/16
In science it's : 1.LIVING THINGS 2. CELLS AND THE MICROSCOPE 3. SOLIDS, LIQUIDS AND GASES 4. ELEMENTS, COMPOUNDS AND MIXTURES 5. MEASUREMENTS 6. DENSITY AND FLOTATION So it's 2 biology , chemistry and physics . You're doing the new junior cert science so I don't know about the EARTH AND SPACE topic because I'm doing the old JC. For history, its 1. Historian 2. Archaeology 3. Middle Stone age 4.new stone age 5. Bronze age 6. The celts
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