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    30 mark essays jenny97

    should I do my 30 mark essays in bullet points or will I lose marks?

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      John smith234

      Im not 100 per cent sure but my teachers recommend that if you are running out of time, bullet points is a good idea.

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      You get marks for coherence in your answers so essay structure is advised

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      Ok thanks

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      how long do you spend on each 30 mark question?

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      they say about 12 mins

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      Coherence marks are currently only awarded in the 80m option question, though they could technically be reintroduced at any time for all other answers as they were never removed in a circular or other official document by the SEC

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      Bullet form is advised as some find it easier to get it on paper and it can be easier for an examiner to mark, 80m has to be wrote in an essay form.

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