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    Geography Marks fishnetsxD

    Could somebody explain to me how the 80 mark question on Culture and Identity is marked?

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      vanessa B


      IF you take a look at marking schemes on you will see that they mark it based on you writing about FOUR Aspects of an essay. Try split your essay into 4 headings and write a mini essay on each of those headings. I do Geoecology so cant be too specific with Culture & Identity.

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      In my most resent one I had 3 different things I wrote on.

      In my case I was writing on religion as a cultural indicator.

      I wrote about 3 religions on which i knew well. So is it (27, 27 and 26 marks) for each of those paragraphs. Identifying aspect would that be explaining what a cultural indicator is? Ima not so sure on examination? And over all coherence?

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