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Biome human impact help
Hhhhhhjjjji Leaving Cert Geography — 10/06/16 6

The sue honan revision book only talks about acid rain and deforestration will that be enough if i describe in detail?in the marking scheme it says 3 aspects

Hhhhhhjjjji — 09/06/16
Ruth Jubril — 09/06/16
I talk about deforestation , mining , agriculture and the government schemes in the Amazon
dideak — 09/06/16
Yop Logging, Agriculture, Mining, Government Schemes
Gavin1345 — 09/06/16
I need help fast I'm currently in honour geography but thinkinga bout droppingt to pass tomorrow I did my project in higher level if I drop will the project then be corrected as pass.
jessicanevin — 09/06/16
Gavin1345 I think the project is common to both higher and ordinary level and are marked the same so it won't be affected if you drop to ordinary level
Gavin1345 — 10/06/16
Thanks . I stayed in higher level anyway hoping for a pass.
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