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Coastal processes
Jess4321 Leaving Cert Geography — 29/05/16 2

Would the best formation of coastal erosion be a cliff or a sea arch/sea stack/sea stump? And also if you're asked for a landform of deposition and one of erosion, can you do a waterfall for erosion and a beach for deposition? It was asked in 2014

12345cw — 29/05/16
A cliff would be the best answer for coastal erosion. For coastal deposition, its best to go with something like a tombolo, but a beach would work too. A waterfall is a great form of erosion to talk about, but only if your asked about river erosion. For river deposition, talk about an oxbow lake or a meander.
Jess4321 — 29/05/16
Thanks!! The question in 2014 asked was 'explain the formation of one landform of erosion and one landform of deposition that you have studied'. So could I do one fluvial and one coastal?
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