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    concept of a region Ashleighwyse

    Hey I'm just wondering what I could write about for 2012 Q5b , its says 'Examine,with reference to examples that you've studied, how the physical landscape can be used to define regions? 😄

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      if you want o talk about and irish example your best bet is The Burren, Co. Clare. It's a karst region, landforms of erosion, deposition yadda yadda yadda

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      Jennifer Magee

      #AshleighWyse dont listen to eddie keogh fucking bullshit answer the burren isnt even in Ireland...duh..dipshit alert, i personally think your best bet would be to stop moaning and just get on with it. good luck tho

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      lol First off it's not "#AshleighWyse" it's "@AshleighWyse" and its pretty clear who your comment is directed toward so you don't need to say her name at all. Secondly, The Burren is clearly in Ireland. More importantly, why is your name Jennifer Magee if you have a lad as your profiler? You're in no position to talk shit you ignorant, hashtagging, transgender, fuck faced, shit eating, fugly fucktard #Stokeareshit

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      an irish example would be the burren co clare its a karst landscape

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