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    Distribution of population in a European Region jenlevis

    Does anyone have a sample essay for this question please?

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      the region i have studied is the mezzogiornio. population distribution highlights the interaction between physical, economic and human factors. the mezzogiornio has a population of 21 million people, however there is a large variationof population due to terrain climate infrastructure and most importantly economic general population is greatest along the coast. in coastal regions you find the best agricultural land. the rich volcanic soil surrounding the bay of naples has attracted human settlement for naple is the largest urban region in the mezzogiornio at 1.2 million people. the bay of naples is one the the mezzogiornios most densily populated areas with 3 million people.

      in general the population density in the appenines mountains is much lower. her we find towns on hilltops. these were easier to defend and were not affected by malari carrying mosquitos.the casa per il mezzogiornio has been successful in attracting investment in the area and has gone someway to stemming the outmigration of you people for the region. scilly has a high population at over 200 people per square kilometer. this is in part due to the influx of migrants from north africa. the industrial triangle of bari brindisi and toronto havebecome key centres in oil refinjng, petro-chemicals and iron and steel works. this has led to an increase of population and a redistribution of population in the heel of italy. the mezzogiorno has become a popular destination for illegal migrants attracting 50,000 each year

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      Thank you!!

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