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    Dropping levels Sandruus

    Hey, i was wondering if anyone knows whether it is possible to drop down to ordinary level in geography on the day of the exam even though i did my GI in higher level?

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      Hazel Jennings

      yea should be grand

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      it's really easy to pass geo at higher. the short q's are 20% and the field trip is another 20% even if you didn't perfect them, it's easy enough to get enough marks from the essays to bet you over the 40% mark

      cus passing higher is worth more points than doing well in ordinary.

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      But the biomes question is the problem... I haven't learned it at all.. always leaving things to the last and now i've no time considering i'm doing 6 hl subjects already :o

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      i think its still worth doing the higher paper. even if you fail every section but 1, you'll more than likely have enough points to pass. that is if the short Qs go ok, which they should, they're generally easy.

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