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    Field study confusionnnnnn!!!! kittyxkat

    I didn't do geography in 5th year, and now that im in 6th year im so lost with whats going on.

    I'm just after doing the field study , on like meanders , deposition etc and i have to do the write up on the Valley profile of the river but I dont even know what that is??

    Can someone pls tell me what im supposed to write, proper confused haha


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      I also did my project on the meander! Basically the project is very easy to write up once you know rivers well and if your teacher explains it well. My teacher has not mentioned the Valley profile but I think its just talking about when you got to the site, what you saw, heard, the flow or the river, the force and velocity. I think its just everything that you observed at the site you were investigating. I think it all goes under the observations heading. Hope this was helpful, if not i am very sorry. Best of luck with it.

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