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dideak Leaving Cert Geography — 07/06/16 7

If i study the: Characteristics of a named biome Impact of human activity on a biome Should i be covered? or what are you guys studying? Thanks

paulfarren — 06/06/16
Probably not Study some soil questions to be safe
Hhhhhhjjjji — 06/06/16
Yes biome comes up each year.feck all chance 3 soil questions will come up
Christyna — 06/06/16
Biome come up each year there is a pattern last year was characteristics this year it has to be human impact
danielnagle97 — 06/06/16
A question similarly to characteristics of a biome or human impact on a biome will come up. Just study the 2 essays and you'll be grand
dideak — 06/06/16
Thanks lads, Best of luck to ye all!
Hhhhhhjjjji — 06/06/16
Your allowed mention more than one biome yeah?
marian-97 — 07/06/16
human activity has been up the last two years so characteristics/climate/flora/fauna etc is a good bet
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