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    Geoecology Help(Biomes)!! Ms.Grehan

    If the question just says 'Biomes are alrered by human act' could i just discuss the following: Overcropping Overgrazing Desetification and Deforestation??

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      Yes you can.

      And be sure to mention the type of biome you are discussing them in relation to with some examples.

      I was told to combine overcropping and overgrazing under the heading intensive agriculture. But if you have enough information on each that should be fine.

      You can also discuss it under the headings of industrial development ( Nuclear Bomb testings in the desert)

      And tourism (e.g Las Vegas and pollution that causes)

      It's tipped to come up this year so be sure to know it well ! good luck!

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      What exactly is tipped to come up this year?

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      Human interaction with the biome, or possibly characteristics of a biome.

      Tertiary activities of a sub continental region (e.g India with map)

      Metamorphic rocks

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      Okay thanks :)

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      Thanks a mil :)

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      What soil qus is tipped to come up?

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