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Leigha plunkett Leaving Cert Geography — 10/06/16 7

Any ideas on what will come up on Biomes this year ?

Craig_6588 — 09/06/16
The development of economic activities can alter biomes.Discuss
Sarah_7402 — 09/06/16
human activity on biomes
jessicanevin — 09/06/16
The influence of the human activity on a biome
jackm1997 — 09/06/16
Does anyone have a sample answer on that essay pleaseeee:( My email is: jackm1997@live.com
Katiexx — 09/06/16
biome charateristics are likely as its due, human actiivity was in 2014
Lawlzos — 10/06/16
Do you need to know soils and biome??
Karen_8231 — 10/06/16
theres a sample answer i found here https://www.studyclix.ie/Content/Uploads/c3efc32f-2abb-4a18-851c-018a52967244.pdf
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