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Geography Deb pre 2016
J_mulcahy Leaving Cert Geography — 31/05/16 1

Can someone post the Deb pre please for geography 2016

Sarah_7402 — 31/05/16
Physical: Q1. A: Draw OS Map B. Predicting Earthquakes and how the effects can be reduced C. Sedimentary to metamorphic rocks Q.2 A.Diagram of a Karst region B. One land form from the OS map formed by deposition OR an area on the OS Map which has steep slopes and example of 1 mass movement C.Discuss the forces at work and the formation of land-forms along destructive plate boundaries. Q.3 A. Volcanoes (answer Q's from diagram) B. Mechanical or physical weathering shaping Irish landscape c Human interaction w/ rock cycle Regional Q4 A. Draw a continental/sub continental map B. Urban in Europe C Enlargement of eu Q.5 A. Diagram thing of European Union trade B. Secondary in Irish (2 regions) C. Pop Dis in Continental/Sub-Continental Q.6 A.European Union Labor Costs (read from table) B. Agriculture in Irish Region under 2 headings of relief, climate or markets C. Agriculture OR Industry to the economic development of 2 European regions Human Q.10 A. Table of population growth and transport B. Patterns of Migration since 1950s ireland C. From OS Map, 3 reasons why town grew there Q.11 A. Draw OS Map B. 2 issues facing cities in future of developed world C. Central Place Q.12 A. Table of health expenditure in some countries B. Influence of development of resources, income levels, technology, society and couture in population change (just pick one heading) C. Pop dis in this area on OS Map Geoecology: 16. Human on soil erosion 17. soil characteristics under humidification, leaching, oxidation, mechanical weathering (pick 3 headings) 18. Biome under climate, soil & vegetation. Hope this helps! (also hope this IS the DEB paper, if not sorry!)
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