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Geography LC
by Siobhan_2508 Leaving Cert Geography — 09/06/16 9

Anyone any tips for geog Friday? Biome Q etc??

Benmartin — 07/06/16
no. sorry :(
Benmartin — 07/06/16
im only in jc so i dont really know but rocks comes up a lot in jc if that helps
islander15 — 07/06/16
People are predicting Human interaction with the biome! Know metamorphic rocks, feature of deposition, human interaction with rivers and rocks. For regional maybe contrast agriculture in europe, manufacturing in the GDA, Eu expansion. Elective fairly straight forward : CAP, MNC, Conflict maybe renweable nergy also1
emilygaughran — 07/06/16
Characteristics of a biome
Siobhan_2508 — 07/06/16
Thanks guys����
fellipe_1 — 07/06/16
whats CAP?
EoinKeenan1 — 07/06/16
Common Agricultural Policy, comes up in the economic section.
Siobhan_2508 — 09/06/16
Any other predictions guys?
Rackel12 — 09/06/16
Racial and ethnic issue that arise from migration
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