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Help - Economic Activies
Grainne_9221 Leaving Cert Geography — 03/06/16 2

can someone tell me when learning economic activites eg secondary in ireland.. do you have to know the west and dublin or just one? also do you have to know paris and italy or just one? Thanks

Oljen — 03/06/16
They may ask to contrast with Ireland but that's pretty easy if you know one well the Other just is the opposite. With France/Italy they could also ask a contrast between them.
Sinott — 03/06/16
You may be asked to contrast two European or Irish regions, so you have to know both. However, you can learn a full answer for a topic on one region and a half answer for the other in case of the contrast questions, usually in PEA, SEA and TEA. pick which one wisely. West probably has more for agriculture, Dublin for manufacturing and probably Dublin for tourism/transport. Similar for Paris and Italy. Just learn one urban answer for one region for Ireland and same for Europe, as well as in pop distribution/dynamics. They'll just ask Irish region or European, not Irish peripheral or something like that.
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