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    Higher or pass? caoimhebarr

    Okay guys I need yer advice, I have been doing higher level geography the past two years but I literally haven't started learning anything yet! The test is I two weeks, do I have time to cram, or should I drop to pass? I don't even know one essay.

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      John smith234

      With your project,short questions and a good physical question and then a attempt at the other 3 sections you should have no problem passing the subject and gaining at least 45 points. However if you were to drop to pass you would need to get a b1 to get 45 points. So its not worth it at all because if you can get a b1 in ordinary you would be more than capable of passing higher. So i would definitely recommend sticking to higher because ordinary is not worth it.

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      It's quite hard to fail higher level geography. Honestly you'd have to try to fail. You've 20% practically guaranteed for your project. 80 marks for short questions. 60 marks for question A's. 30 marks for an ordinance survey map in the human section. Physical geography is pretty easy to get the hang of. It's common sense. Everything else is more difficult but it is still manageable.

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      thank ye so much! i had decided to go to pass but now i think ill stick with the honours. thank you!

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