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    HL Geography 2017 Mocks Predications John4853

    Just wondering anyone haveing any predications/ideas for what topics are comeing up in the Mocks? Which ones are yous studying?:)

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      I dont think you can since they're done by individual companies and not the SEC..I would say practice the Short Question..they are mainly Physical or Maps, so yeah, study physical since there will be a long question on it too..Do a lot of exam questions!! It's probably the best way you can study at this point

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      Cheers man appreciated :)

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      Population in Human Geography

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      Thank you :)

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      I wouldnt listen to that prediction above, there is no way of predicting the geography mock paper i'm afraid.

      Get cracking on revising the whole syllabus. i found it useful to read the leaving cert Geography Guidlines for Teachers, but thats just me.

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      Thanks for the advice :)

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      Can anything be on section 2 or only political geography and maps.

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