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how did people find the paper
megggyy Leaving Cert Geography — 11/06/16 14

is it just me or was the paper a bad paper ?

Noel_5165 — 10/06/16
It was difficult but it was manageable the mocks were a lot easier. The short questions were woeful.
Gavin1345 — 10/06/16
Short questions were awful barely passed higher in the mocks and out of questions 1-3 I only answered a part A but I answered the rest to be fair I'm praying for a pass I hated the questions
megggyy — 10/06/16
ya i hated the questions although i found the short ones easy
Noel_5165 — 10/06/16
ya i thought overall the paper was hard enough i just wrote all i could remember and bullshitted my way through it!! i got like 58% in my mocks even though it was corrected quite easily imo :/ i be lucky to get into the 40% figure tbh. If you done your field study you should definitely pass overall.
Ttomk1111 — 10/06/16
Everyone's saying the short qs were awful, I didn't think they were too bad.
Noel_5165 — 11/06/16
they weren't bad but they weren't easy either :P
MARCOHEALY — 11/06/16
If the marks for the short questions are generally bad for the majourity of students, do you think they would change the mark scheme?
Rachel_8010 — 11/06/16
Short questions were ew. The physical, regional and human were great. While the biome wasn't what I expected
Sarah_7402 — 11/06/16
SQS were alright, didnt like physical and human was okaaaay but thought regional and geoecology were a dream
megggyy — 11/06/16
will our projects bring us up if we didnt do too well in the paper no ?
Katie_9146 — 11/06/16
I found the paper overall quite okay, a little repetitive if anything for some of the long questions though. Could of just been the approach I had. Short questions weren't bad but not awfully great either. And about the projects, they should but not like a huge amount. Maybe a couple percent or so
ciara.egan2 — 11/06/16
The geocology part messed me up but over all thought is was ok
treacytara — 11/06/16
I taughted it was a lovely paper, the SQ were a bit all over the place. What I studied came up �� Was delighted to see Characteristics of a Biome
leahbyrne68 — 11/06/16
The physical section was hard I thought ��
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