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    How to reference my results!!?? Ireland1997

    Hey guys, I'm trying to finish off my project. I'm doing the project on the title "the impact of geomorphic processes and/or human activity on the development of landforms in a glaciated or fluvial or coastal or karst environment"

    I have everything wrote up but now I am completely confused/stuck on how to reference my results to my diagrams and tables. My teacher said we will not get any marks unless we do it. Any help much appreciated, I need these precious marks!!

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      On the pages where you have the diagrams and result tables write "figure no x" and then when your referencing them back in the conclusion on results section say "see figure number x". Also in your conclusion mention that the aims you had in the introduction section have been fulfilled and then say "see aim no x or hypothesis no x"

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      Meant to reply earlier than this, thanks for your help, really appreciate it!! 😊

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