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    How to study the Essays Shaned

    What is a easy method of learning all the essays !! :) and is it hard to get a good grade in geography for the LC

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      I'm also studying LC geography and how i study essays is by bullet points .....

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      I find it really hard to study by bullet points as my teacher has made them very long :(

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      Hi guys,

      Check the bottom of this page where you will find a whole lot of A-grade Geography essays posted by a student.

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      What I usually do is break the essay down into a skeleton form. So I would have all my SRP's from my essay on one page.

      E.g Mezzogiorno

      One SRP is Autostrada del Sole = efficient transport system.

      The you continue on... for the rest.

      This has proved very effective for me and I hope it does for you.

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      I'm an A1 student and my best advice would be to ensure you know the material of the course throughoutly and then your prepared for each question.

      HoppherHeads method is excellent as well.

      Say the point and have the explaination to get your srp marked

      Try Sue Honan exam skills and change the essays to a way you'll remember.

      Hope this helps

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      Thanks Hopperhead & Eadaoin :)

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      A good idea is to buy the bigger size flash cards and write for example : Geothermal energy and write down questions for example (what is Geothermal energy?) so you know what it is first - its one thing being able to just regurgitate essays by heart but you'll get further if you understand yourself what your writing about , your likely to remember easier on the day then write things like four five bullet points on the advantages of it in sections :)

      Have a huge bundle of flash cards and notes with your Physical being one colour flash cards then Regional in another colour and so on depending on your topics

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