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    Human Geography Elective HELP!! BellaBella

    What are the main areas to study for this section? All help appreciated! Any predictions?

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      Eu and the map question

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      Racial tensions

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      Thanks so much!

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      Map Questions are always up. Be sure to know about migration and impacts it has on people (culture and issues). When doing the map question it's quite a broad range of topics (historic, population dynamics etc) but its easy to understand once you read over it you'll do fine. Best of luck

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      I think these are the most likely questions, but there's still a lot!

      Population Distribution and Density

      Population Change (can be overpopulation which came up last year!)

      Migration issues

      Migration Policy in Ireland and EU

      Migration Patterns in Ireland

      Land use models

      Central Place theory

      Land use zones in urban areas

      Future of Urbanism

      Functions of urban Centres

      Related to OS map: population distribution, functions of urban centre, settlement patterns

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      Thanks so much!👍😎

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