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    Landform Development - What can I add? jakewarrenblack01

    'Examine the role of the processes of deposition on the formation of any one landform that you have studied.'

    My answer is

    The landform that I have studied is the levee. Levees are formed through the process of deposition, on the banks of a river.

    Levees are formed near the lower course of a river where it reaches its floodplain. In this course, the river is depositing mostly silt and sand, carrying a lot of load.

    When a river floods, it takes sediment with it (Alluvium) and deposits it on the floodplains. Larger particles are deposited near the channel, while smaller ones are deposited further away.

    Over time, this sediment builds up and forms mounds on the banks of the river.

    What more can I add to this, or should I choose a different landform?

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      You need 15 SRPs. That's like 4 haha

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      id do oxbow lake as theres way more to write on it and dont forget you can also draw a diagram to get another SRP. to get sample answer, go onto and read their sample HL geography answers

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