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LC 2016 Geography Predictions
123youandme13 Leaving Cert Geography — 09/06/16 12

predictions for geography (higher) 2016? thanks

Kian — 04/05/16
Formation of Metamorphic Rocks is likely. Also 'racial and ethical problems due to Migration', since Migration is topical this year.
Monon — 19/05/16
Possible Land-form of deposition in a fluvial Environment.
Monon — 19/05/16
Also Human Interaction with a Biome.
Rackel12 — 09/06/16
Is this for exam craft paper?
Dale_7472 — 09/06/16
Higher or Ordinary for matamorphic rock ??
nevlynn — 09/06/16
Dale_7472 — 09/06/16
anything else i should look at for tomorrow?
Emer somers — 09/06/16
any predictions on what region and topic?
Siobhan_2508 — 09/06/16
Any regional?
niamhnx — 09/06/16
Laura88 — 09/06/16
Anyone else really worried?
Laura88 — 09/06/16
Human interaction need s to be there
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