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    Mass Movement Question AELT

    Hi for the question "Describe and explain one process of mass movement" what do you use as your process? I've learned all the different types of mass movement but how do you go about this question?

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      freeze thaw action influences rock falls

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      Amanda April

      I think you might have misunderstood the question: by "process" it does not mean what has caused it or influenced it, but what is actually happening in your chosen mass movement. A question asking for what caused/influenced it would most certainly be an unusual question on the papers and if you see any like that, read it twice and think about what is really being asked of you. If it really did ask for the causes or influences, it would rather be asked as "Describe and explain one process FOR mass movement". Notice the difference? 'Of' and 'for'.

      Out of all the mass movements I have learned, I would choose the one I know best. I would also include [a] diagram(s) if possible when answering my question. 1 or 2 A4 pages should be more than enough, depends on how large your writing is, really. And answer with small paragraphs or bullet/number points that talk of each critical episode of the mass movement.

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