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    Predictionss lcstudent

    Any predictions for higher level leaving cert geography exam. Anything their teachrs told em was important

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      Well Geography is difficult to predict for because of the way the long questions are laid out. There are six 30 mark questions and three 20 mark questions in each section but you only answer on two 30 mark questions and one 20 mark question from each one and it's impossible to predict which questions come up together

      For Regional Geography, if you know the following for an Irish, European and Continental region, you should be ok: Primary/Secondary/Tertiary economic activities, Distribution of population, urban development

      You probably only need to know about ONE Irish, European and Continental region but you may be asked to contrast between TWO Irish or TWO European regions so knowing both regions will be useful if this kind of question comes up

      Also know about Geomorphological/Climatic/Cultural regions

      Looking back at questions, you see that the same ones come up. I'd say out of the Physical/Regional/Human/Economic sections, there are probably around 120 30 mark essay questions although you probably wouldn't need to know all of them. Look at all the past questions that have been asked and make notes on them

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