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    Sample Essays lemon.jelly10

    Hi I'm looking for sample essays on the following:

    1. Describe and explain, using examples which you have studied, the difference between the terms population density and population distribution

    2. Migration Policy in Ireland

    3. Migration Policy in EU

    4. Formation of volcanic landform

    5.Examine, with reference to actual examples, the measurement and effects of earthquakes

    It would be much appreciated, Thanks :)

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      Do you have any predictions for the human and geoecolgy sections? thanks a million

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      I'm also looking for Migration policies essays... Can' t find any online resources for them!! Studyclix have som egood essays - maybe check them out -

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      please do you have any predictions for the human and geoecology sections? Your other predictions for physical and regional were really helpful. Thank you

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      My school is doing the global interdependence section so I can't help you with Geoecology! But here are the human elective predictions:

      Population Distribution and Density

      Population Change (can be overpopulation which came up last year!)

      Migration issues

      Migration Policy in Ireland and EU

      Migration Patterns in Ireland

      Land use models

      Central Place theory

      Land use zones in urban areas

      Future of Urbanism

      Functions of urban Centres

      Related to OS map: population distribution, functions of urban centre, settlement patterns

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      Thank you really helpful

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      You probably won't find out much on the EU Policy as there isn't one. That's the problem. EU countries tend to have their own. So if anything about that does come up, it'll probably be like 'give problems associated with not having an overall EU migration policy'.

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