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    SRP help please Orlait

    Can somebody please explain what an SRP is? I know it means significant relevant point and that it can be statistics or definitions, but I'm not able to remember 15 statistics/ definitions for each essay! Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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      so for example say we'll use geothermal energy essay as an example.

      if you explain how the water reaches the surface, drilling into rocks by a series of wells, it is a srp because its a relevant point because it explains how it is interacting with the rock cycle

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      Is it just a factual sentence that relates to the question? I can always get 15 or more in the essays I do for homework when I copy it out of the book but then in the exam I try cut out the waffle and only include (what i think are) srps, i can only ever get about 10

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      John smith234

      Yeah the book isn't great at all because with almost every topic it provides a very limited amount of srps. I took positive effects of volcanoes from the book and only got 18/30.

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      Yeah exactly John! I don't know what to do to get any more

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      If you're still stuck, have a quick look back over your Mock paper and see how that was corrected. You'd be surprised at what exactly they do and don't count as an SRP.

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