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    study tips wanted for geography Michael tighe

    I just got my mocks back I was shocked with my result. I actually thought when doing my exam that I was going to do well. Has anyone any good study tips for geography I would be grateful.

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      Dermot O'Connor

      Geography is the only subject i can study for . Mindmaps are really usefull , just make pictures and notes from your pages of notes and make sure you have lots of colour etc , its effective for visual learners.

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      Michael tighe

      Thank you

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      I suggest you check out the essays at the bottom of this page

      There's loads of A1 essays here to take a look at. It will give you a good idea how to structure an essay with enough SRPs (Single relevant Points). As Dermot says Mindmaps are also a good idea : )

      Good luck

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      What i usually do is go back to the very start of the book and summarise every paragraph from every chapter this helps a lot. also using colourful flash cards. Hope this helps

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      make lists of keywords, concepts and examples and or/statistics (where relevant) for each topic . The topic is highlighted in bold at the top of each question and this should act as a signpost as to what set of keywords/concepts that they are looking for.

      For physical learn labelled diagrams off and be able to redraw them (quickly). Once they are drawn and labelled it may be easier to explain what is happening in the diagram (using the key words, concepts and examples) instead of learning off pages of information. Do not spend too much time drawing the diagrams in exams, it is not an art exam and there are very few marks awarded for it. Instead concentrate on clearly explaining what is happening in the diagram . Include a diagram where relevant (that is if it helps in your explanation) in the physical section even if not asked as marks are usually awarded .

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