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Tips on how to approach the paper?
Atomicmilkshake Leaving Cert Geography — 09/06/16 8

I suffer with bad timing so geography is torment for me. The geography paper layout is also confusing af. Does anyone have any tips on what questions to do first to ensure the best marks even if I do run out of time? Cheers.

Megan Duffy — 09/06/16
I'm the exact same , my teacher always tells me to start with the geoecology or the honours option part as at least you'll get be guaranteed 80marks if you do that question well
LydiaSheehan — 09/06/16
Start with the geoecology
TheFitzyG — 09/06/16
geoecology-> favourite of (physical, regional or human)-> short Qs (to give your hand a break and catch up on timings) -> second favourite of the 3-> least favourite of the 3( if you run out of time here you will miss out on the least marks)
MaryEllen_6867 — 09/06/16
I go with short questions first to get them out of the way. They're easy marks so I like to have them under my wing going into the rest of the paper. But I'm going to go through and marks the questions I'm going to do before attempting anything.
Atomicmilkshake — 09/06/16
Thanks a million guys c: You're a great help! Best of luck in the rest of the exams!
Laura_6299 — 09/06/16
I agree with doing the GeoEco first. It's a good bulk of the marks. I know for the Mocks that it was I started with. It was the last thjg I looked over before I went in, so it was really fresh in my head. I wanted to get it all down before I forgot any of it. Then I moved on to the Short Qs because they're an easy 80 marks. Saying that, I know majority of people like to begin with those as they put them at ease for the rest of the exams. The rest is up to you. Just remember that you don't have to do the Qs in the order they're written. I.e you can do Part C of your Regional Q, then do A of your Human Q and go back to Regional Q for example. Might as well write the ones that you're most confident about. Just make sure that you mark each question clearly in your answer booklet. Oh, and be REALLY strict with yourself regarding time! I have never heard of anyone that finds the timings for Geohraphy easy, so once you see that time up, move on to your next Q. Better to have something written for each rather than none written for some. Good luck!
Laura_6299 — 09/06/16
Also the layout of the paper is ridiculous! So be sure that you keep a mark of which parts of Qs you've answered and haven't answered. Because trying to find the Qs in the paper afterwards is harder than trying to walk a maze! ��
AoifeM18 — 09/06/16
With every 80 marks , spend 30 mins - i.e GeoEco and each long question !
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