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    AUBERUNG Jackie_2179

    what topics come up on the auBerungs and letters? please

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      The ones that came up on mine (not sure if it was a DEB paper or not) were:


      1) Having a good relationship with your family. Do you fight with them, if so, on what?

      2) What kind of transport does your school have/how you get to school (something like that)

      3) What you plan on doing after the LC- are you going to move out or would you prefer to stay at home?

      4) If you had to nominate your teacher for an award which one would you nominate and why.



      1. Integration- whether you think German is difficult to learn or not, a friend proposes some sort of project (to do with integration obviously.. I wrote about toleranz, geduld, multikulturelle schule etc) The pic showed students and then a board with Arabic and German words

      2. Pastimes- you had to talk about the graph that was given and all the different pastimes.. I did the above one so I don't remember it all.

      The longer picture was about technology and young kids using it. The picture showed people sitting around a breakfast table and they were all on their phones..

      Hope that helps!

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      Oh and smoking came up in the letter^ whether you smoke, what do you think of the smoking ban etc.

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      Thank you sooo much!!!

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      No problem :) Hopefully it will come up for you :D

      If you're wondering about the reading comprehensions, the first was about a boy buying tights for his grandma, three boys take a picture of him and bully him.. the second is about a group that welcomes refugees in Germany- they enter a competition^

      Grammar was personal prepositions and changing verbs into the Präsens :)

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      Do you know where the barcode was on the cover of your exam?

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      @shill468 someone said mine was DEB^ :)

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      Thanks a million, youre a great help! :)

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      @Ad2016 For your listening exam , did you have the one about the Doctors and the two parents talking about their children studying and the trees in part 4 (a)?

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      @Ad2016 firstly you're my hero thank you so much and secondly I was wondering if you know the exact verbs that had to be changed into the present! There's so many to cover!!

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      @Sarahcross186 I can't really remember, but I know that two were Lag and Bog. Sorry :/

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      @Ad2016 don't worry it's fine you have helped me so much! Thank you

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      Is that higher or ordinary,

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      Higher and its DEB

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      was the deb the listening with the girl and her rucksack and a teacher and parent talking about their child

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