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    Feedback on exam Lc8/6/16

    What did ye think of it? Thought the Außerung was tricky

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      Thought it was fine, aural trick enough. Grammar section was ok but wondering if I got part one full right

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      Sarah Herlihy

      What was the problem in q2 for the tape?

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      Thought that some of the questions in german were tricky and the listening about the cows was kinda fast.....

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      Ya the cows were hard ....think the problem was that there was young people drinking on a school trip! Who did ye say the conversation was between?

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      Sarah Herlihy

      I said husband and wife

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      it was defo a husband and wife.....they were arranging the wedding of their son

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      The reading comprehension and außerung were great. Had to make up Irish actors for the letter and wasn't too happy with what I wrote on the refugees bit. Grammar and listening was grand just the cows bit was hard to understand kinda. Overall hope for a B1/A2

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      Treasa98..didn't they say "unsere" which would be our wedding...are you sure it was for their son? I completely left that out :(

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      It was definitely husband and wife

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      Yeah I said husband and wife too. I left out a part of the auserung by accident, how many marks do you think I'll lose?

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      Yes I know phteven it was for husband and wife! I doubt last part for the auserung is very bad as well cause I was rushing! What did ye say for the reading comp about the boy being indifferent?

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      Anyone have two answers as 'Wer' for the Frageworten Grammar thing? And I think the cowbells said it helped farmers find their cattle during thick fog.. something like that

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      That was as hard as getting out of autchwitz 1943

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      The couple were arlready married. The wedding they needed the flowers for was for their son......but that wasnt a question! As long as you said the husband and wife :)

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      For the reading comprehension i said the although his eyes were half closed he was still paying attention

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      In general I thought the exam was pretty easy, I said mother and son for the listening, did she not ask "where is my husband when I need him?" Or something along those lines? Hoping for an A2, b1 minimum.

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      She called him names such as "Liebling" and "Schatz" (treasure)

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      I used those in my answer, I think it's one of those that can be argued either way?

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      ^ The exam wasn't easy enough for ya 'conors171' you absolute ledgebag cause it was 1000% a husband and wife on about their son's wedding xxx

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      Nice one

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      The listening was husband and wife, but they were organising a wedding for another couple. Their son was to pick up the flowers for the wedding, but he left the house late and was stuck in traffic because of a car crash

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