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German aural help pls
Jack Christian Leaving Cert German — 16/06/16 9

Do you answer in English or German ? Lol I know I'm retarded

Emma_3344 — 15/06/16
Ocallaghan — 15/06/16
So if you do higher level , Section two , the telephone call , you answer in German but the rest is English
Sarah2990 — 15/06/16
For higher level for the telephone call do you answer in German or English for the last question? It doesn't state it and is really confusing?
aishlingkehoe — 15/06/16
Im pretty sure you can answer in german or english for the last part ? I think the marking scheme accepts both english and german answers
Carmine — 15/06/16
It says it at the top of the page.......
aishlingkehoe — 15/06/16
^ At the top of the page it doesnt specify whether or not youve to answer question two in english or german
Sarah2990 — 15/06/16
Ocallaghan — 15/06/16
No but the actual main part , not the second part. You have to answer in German , like the Problem bit. In the marking scheme they accept words and phrases
class3a1 — 16/06/16
if the question is in english you answer in english. if ther question is in german you answer in german (ONLY INSIDE THE BOX ON SEC 2)
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