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Higher level german anyone know whats coming up?
Maria_5155 Leaving Cert German — 17/05/16 4

Any topics that might come up ?what vocab? Help pleaseee

Patrick_9681 — 16/05/16
mostly paper 2014 and15 deffo
Patrick_9681 — 16/05/16
do ypu know waht would come up for georgraphy i hate it :/
Maria_5155 — 16/05/16
geothermal energy , impact of EU on ireland ,soils , id say map of brazil or ireland, erosion or depostion of fluvial marine landform , karst landscapes(burren) and i dont know its hard to predict :( anything else that might come up for german exam im really stuck
Patrick_9681 — 17/05/16
Youll be Grand just study Hard im fluent so it's easy and karst landscape yeah
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