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LC German predictions HL?
daisygirl11 Leaving Cert German — 22/06/16 5

Anything would be greatly appreciated

Denas_9787 — 09/06/16
Make sure you know weather and news vocab for the aural, something always guaranteed to come up. My teacher also thinks question words (wer, wessn etc.) may come up in the grammar section. As for the letter, something on 1916, Euro 2016, Water Charges etc may be asked, something relevant in the everyday life. Apart from that, make sure to stuff the Ausserung and letter with idioms and always give as many details in the aural and reading comprehensions as possible.
daisygirl11 — 09/06/16
Thank you so much. I only got 39% in the pre so I don't know if I should do OL on the day? I really struggle with german
daisygirl11 — 09/06/16
Also I have no vocab on 1916 or euro 2016. Does anyone know of any good websites to help with German?
treasa98 — 15/06/16
Deutsch.ie has some good resources :)
Denas_9787 — 22/06/16
Hoping it all went well for you!!
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