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Are Headings Allowed?
by rosiesoph Leaving Cert History Later Modern — 15/06/16 3

Is it okay to use headings in your essays? Does anyone know if you would lose marks for it? For example, if I wrote something like this for an Economic Boom essay; Demographic Growth: The population of the USA increased by 95 million or 75 per cent between 1940-1980... Would that be okay?

benny_shanahan — 15/06/16
its supposed to be written in essay format so the better way to write that would be something like... "there was a major demographic growth in america throughout the period 1940-1980" or something along those lines
Nogorman — 15/06/16
Ah okay, that's fine! Thanks so much!!
rosiesoph — 15/06/16
Yeah, thank you so much, that's great help!!
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