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    Case Study Stalin's Show Trials- essay help needed! stephmu

    writing the following context question - what prompted the Moscow how Trial of 1936? any help at all would be great, even on what prompted all the show trials!

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      I always start the essay on this topic like this:

      "The show trials was part of the purges and it was extremely important in helping Stalin to consolidate his power. The show trials gave Stalin the opportunity for the critics of his collectivization and his industrialization to be condemned. It was an important step for Stalin on his part to creating a totalitarian government."

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      Steph is that you? :O

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      Mention that Stalin wanted to be on top and to be the best (use historical terms) he was criticised for his ideas and had many enemies and wanted them gone, he hated people who were popular than him or who got more applause than him especially Kirov who was assassinated (on the orders of Stalin) Stalin pretended he had sympathy for Kirov and created fake show trials to accuse people of murdering Kirov and attempting to murder Stalin (which is obviously not true) this was mainly because of Stalin's paranoid personality and his attempt to get rid of the old Bolsheviks as Stalin wanted to be the most powerful dictator in Russia if not the world and they were getting in his way... Throughout the essay mention what happened in the 3 show trials, the punishment and torture such as the pailka, sweat room, threats to their families and in your conclusion mention that Krushev who replaced Stalin mentioned at the 20th party congress that "the enemies were not actuall enemies" and they were innocent. For a document essay you only need to write 2-3 pages 😊 Hope this is helpful good luck

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      Is the mock Q for documents?

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