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    Colraine + Apperentice boys essay Student128

    Just wondering for anyone who attempted this essay, were you able to talk about both Colraine and the Apprentice boys or just one?

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      barry goulding


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      Hilarious you Barry.

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      It doesnt matter what others did

      This is all about you

      Do it. And do it again.

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      just one

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      John smith234

      it said Or in the question so just one

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      ah no way. Wrote about the both of them so I did. Ah well sure.

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      Anyone know roughly how many marks ill lose, if any? 50?

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      John smith234

      Well lets say you talked more about coleraine i would guess they would just basically not correct or give minimal marks for the paragraphs on the topic you covered less Eg apprentice boys and then give you marks for the paragraphs that you wrote the best on like coleraine or vice versa. Thats my guess because at the end of the day you answered the question but of course had some irrelevant information to the title.

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      Cheers John. I'll just cross my fingers and hope for the best.

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