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Cumann na nGaedheal Law and Order

Would anyone have a plan for an essay 'Assess the policies of Cumann na nGaedheal on law and order' ? Hard to get enough paragraphs

Shane mcelhinney — 23/05/16
write about there political views and how the people forced a change and demanded stricter punishments for criminals and how they then started the 'pigs' [guards] along with adding 2000 personnel to the army and set up a boundary comision to keep peace in the peace north and say how they set up the court system and that anyone found with a gun would be executed ,may the odds be ever in your favour.
Lucy_5991 — 26/05/16
The army mutiny, after gardai were stat up they felt strong enough to releases internees (including dev ), public safety act and intoxicating liquor act, made Fianna Fáil rejoin the dail because they didn't want to spiral back into civil war after O Higgins' death in 1927
E.Devitt — 26/05/16
Thanks a million guys. Help much appreciated
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