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    Document Essays Bender27

    Urgently need some solutions here...

    What could potentially be asked for Q4 (the essay question) for each document topic? All help appreciated!

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      Good answer, guys.

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      Okay so it could be questions like 'why were the Nuremberg Rallies so important in Nazi Germany?' Or 'Does the Jarrow March accurately represent conditions in Britain in the 1930s?' Or 'What was the impact of the Show Trials on the USSR in the 1930s?' These are kinda the basic ones that if you had done, you could tweak em to any question that comes up!

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      For consolidation of democracy 1922-45 in Ireland what do you write about (Topic 3)

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      You could do the CnaG constitution, the establishment of law and order by Kevin O'Higgins, the 1924 army mutiny and the results of that, CnaG foreign policies and then for the DeV government, do the 1937 constitution and the results of the Economic War

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