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    Help, I want do to gaelic league and anglo irish literary revival, no idea how to fir WB Yeats and Douglas hyde into them?! Any paragraph idea? Ruthh98

    From your study of culture and religion, 1870-1914, how important was one

    or more of the following: Douglas Hyde and the Gaelic League; the consolidation of

    Catholic identity; W.B. Yeats and the Anglo-Irish Literary Revival?

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      just mention them throughout (Hyde founded GL his aims, he was a Protestant trying to unite Catholics and Protestants)if you were to write a whole paragraph solely on their involvement it would not flow nor would it be chronological the only full paragraph you could write on Hyde is how his travelling and publishing of Irish folklore opened up a new world.

      Its the same for Yeats mention that he helped find it his works/plays his aim was not to use it has nationalism propaganda but because he wanted to produce good books you could also mention his short involvement in the irb influenced by Maud Gonne

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