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    History Essay Predictions for Lc 2017 John4853

    Im sitting the history exam for lc 2017 in june and was just wondering if anyone has any ideas for what essays could come up in both Ireland and rest of europe sections?:)

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      There is a pattern for history, my guess is a documents question on either the Jarrow March or Lenins Russia, and the rest i dont know it could be anything.

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      Maybe Stalins Russia aswell do you think??

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      Yeah the case study is what i mean sorry: Stalins Show Trials

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      Theres always a question on US foreign policy and Vietnam hasnt been up in a while

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      Also race relitions,, us econmy 1945-1989 could come up and also history teacher said that ali is another one to consider as he only died during the summer so it wouldnt be a suprise if he comes up

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      Any suggestions on Irish history?

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      Terence o neil and sunnidgle and coleraine/apprentice boys could appear

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      Parnell and or land is always up for module 1 and the same goes for Cosgrave and or DeValera with state building always for ,module 2

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