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History Essays
by L_122 Leaving Cert History Later Modern — 22/11/16 2

Just wondering could anyone give me tips on writing the essays for HL history? I have been getting 78% on average but I want to improve as I have Winter Exams next week. My introductions and conclusions need work especially, the two topics I'll be doing are The Weimar Republic and Mussolini.

SeanP6A — 21/11/16
Look outside your textbook/notes. Extensive reading i.e. having points that your classmates wouldn't necessarily have comes across very well. Many YouTube videos and history websites are very useful for this (TedEd have a great video on Lenin for example). In terms of your opening, don't give too much background information as the examiner will not give many marks. For conclusions, try to add in new information that you wouldn't have already mentioned so it doesn't look just look you are summing up your essay. Also use relevant quotes to boost up your marks. Good luck!
E.Devitt — 22/11/16
You do need to go outside the notes. Also write 10 paragraphs including an introduction and conclusion. In the introduction have background to what happened build up to what happened etc. Then have 8 paragraphs all with different heading about what Mussolini did and link it to the question asked to you. In the conclusion, include any information that you left out in the paragraphs, thats how to score in a conclusion if you repeat what you've said it wont score well.
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