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    History exam?? fionanewsome

    Does anybody have both history mock papers? I'm not sure which one I had but I would really appreciate seeing what was on the other mock for predictions!

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      John smith234

      on examcraft it was the jarrow march case study. For the essays i chose the 1916 rising,welfare state and johnson in vietnam but of course there were other options.

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      Do you remember what the other options were?

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      on both papers anglo irish treaty, apprentice boys and vietnam came up. 1916 was on both papers too. stalin i think was on the DEB

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      coleraine was on examcraft too i think

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      sarah_7402 did foreign policy from 1973-1989 come up do u know ?

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      Yes it did. So did racial conflict, urban poverty, drugs and crime, and US industrial structure 1945-1968. For Topic 3 Belfast bombings, and Cosgrave came up. For Topic 5 Sunningdale, welfare state and McClusky/Devlin/Heaney :) jarrow was on EC to0.

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