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    History RSR Question Please Help MelissaAM26

    Does anyone know if you're allowed to go over 1500 words even a little bit on the extended essay? I'm doing this project without a teacher to guide me because I can't find anyone willing to help me so an answer as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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      Officially no. However if you do happen to go over by 100 words or so it isn't a problem. Where is says to write down the word count write down a number under 1500. NOBODY is going to count the words unless it is WAY over and fact the you have gone over is obvious. Good Luck!

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      Thank you so very much, that is very helpful!

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      How many pages did you write ?

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      could someone tell me wat case study came up on the mock both paper exam craft and debs

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      I had approx. 1600 words, but it wasn't hugely noticeable and I did cut the odd sentence here and there so I let it be. Thanks for your help!

      I don't know about DEB, but I got Examcraft and the Case Study was Jarrow March.

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      DEB case study was the Moscow Showtrials

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      ok thnx

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      guys do u think Nuremberg rallies would come up for the case study in june?

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