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HL essays

What essays should I concentrate on tonight and tomorrow morning? I done the USA , pursuit of sovereignty and the northern Irish book

Jordan_3422 — 14/06/16
erter — 14/06/16
Case studies case studies case studies Topic 3 Eucharistic Congress Topic 5 Coleraine and Apprentice Boys Topic 5 Vietnam and everything with it
alexduffy98 — 14/06/16
thanks, does a case study always have to come up for higher level or is that just for ordinary level?
bcushen — 14/06/16
Case study will 100% be on both HL and OL papers
alexduffy98 — 14/06/16
does you think theres a very good chance of the Apprentice boys, coleraine or the welfare state coming up, thats all ive done for the northern irish book?
bcushen — 14/06/16
Yeah them and then the Peace Treaties should cover you enough
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