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How to study for essays for Leaving Cert History

Has anyone any tips on how to study for the essays for leaving cert history?

E.Devitt — 24/11/16
Summarise them. Come up with a heading for each paragraph and learn what happened at each event in bullet points and make sure you can expand on those points
E.Devitt — 24/11/16
Then if you have time when you have learned it try and write the essay out under the time pressure or pick a title relative to the topic and do the same
hilary98 — 24/11/16
just study the case studies in all the sections and you'll be grand :)
seannain — 03/12/16
P-Point E-Explain E-Evidence L-Link
feckinleavingcert — 05/12/16
Break the essays down to the facts and be able to expand on them. It'll be easier to learn and you'll be able to apply them to any variation of the question. Link everything up chronologically, think of it like a story. You've probably already done this but make sure to study the hell out of exam papers. Certain questions come up nearly every year, e.g. Parnell in Ireland Topic 2.
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