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    How to study history Conor Murphy

    It may seem a strange question as everybody will have their own ways of learning and revising any given subject. However, I was wondering what worked best for people when studying history? For me, I am going into sixth year and believe history it is a huge course. That is why I would like to focus my study on completing exam questions only. What works for everybody else?

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      Hi Conor,

      Like you, I am going into 6th year and I also study history. History might seem like a huge and daunting course but if you study a bit a day I think history should be manageable.

      With that in mind, my way of studying history would be to write and re-write my notes on a certain topic. Once I'm comfortable that I know most of the topic I would try to answer one of the questions from the past papers relating to that topic and get my history teacher to correct it and see where I made mistakes etc.

      I hope this somewhat helps you and good luck with your Leaving Cert!

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      Conor Murphy

      Thanks you too!

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