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    It's like a JARROW to the heart :( ekstar

    From what I have been piecing together, my mock is an examcraft because we have only done one case study and that is Jarrow, ergo she said Jarrow is coming up.

    So I have seen a few posts and this the question that comes up on Jarrow: how the economic difficulties contributed to the jarrow march, or something along those lines. I believe this to be an accurate hint because it is one of the questions my teacher did cover and she also said the question that will come up is one of the weird ones on Jarrow, and that is weirder then the significance.

    So anyway I know theres been a few hints posted on what else is on the paper but if someone has a more detailed addition to the questions asked that would be fab! Im studying Northern Ireland, Persuit of Sovereignty and America. But if you have other hints then feel free to post those for the others!

    Please make sure youre posting hints for the paper with Jarrow march on it or else it will cause confusion!

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